Blue Ice Globes

Blue Ice Globes

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Cooling wands are used on your face and or body to reduce dark circles, large pores, tighten your skin and eliminate fine lines. Perfect cooling therapy.


  1. Reduce puffiness instantly
  2. Stimulate circulation
  3. Drains the lymphatic system
  4. Oxygenate the skin
  5. Reduce redness and inflammation
  6. Increase collagen and elastin production
  7. Stimulates facial muscles and nerves
  8. Helps reduce migraines and headaches massaged around the temples
  9. Post surgery 
  • Anti Freeze Proof/non-freezing liquid 
  • Shatter resistant/ semi flexible
  • Plexiglass
  • non-toxic

For cooling therapy, put Ice Globes in freezer.

Let sit 3-5 minutes to feel cool or use in the sun to instantly feel cool.